Giffard Curaçao Bleu


Giffard Curaçao Bleu


The Caribbean island of Curaçao is the origin of the distinct variety of bitter orange that flavors this liqueur. Brilliant, azure blue, like the sparkling waters of the sea itself, Giffard Curaçao Bleu adds a pop of color to your cocktail creations.







Volume750 mL
Country of OriginFrance
AromaSweet and bitter orange, lemon and spices
FlavorTart citrus, orange creamsicle, lemons, vanilla.
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The south Caribbean island of Curaçao is the origin of the distinctive variety of bitter orange fruit that flavors the liqueurs that bear its name. Brilliant, azure blue like the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea that surround the island, Giffard Curaçao Bleu captures the unique flavor of these bitter orange peels.

AppearanceBrilliant azure blue

About This Brand

Giffard liqueurs are made with tradition and quality, blending established processes like slow maceration, with cutting-edge methods, in order to achieve the uncompromised taste of whole, natural fruits, herbs and spices. Since 1885, four generations of the Giffard family have worked hard to continuously provide the world with quality liqueurs and syrups.

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