Giffard Menthe Pastille


Giffard Menthe Pastille


This bracing mint liqueur is the original recipe from the Giffard family, first produced in 1885 and celebrated throughout the world ever since. Menthe Pastille is made from fresh, Mitcham peppermint leaves grown locally in the Loire Valley.





Volume1000 mL
Country of OriginFrance
AromaCool peppermint, wintergreen, vanilla and dark chocolate
FlavorBracing, clean mint, with a rich, creamy mouth-feel and a tingling, cool, dry finish.
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This bracing mint liqueur is the original, historical recipe from the Giffard family, first produced in 1885 and celebrated in Angers and throughout the world ever since. Made from a steam-distillation of fresh, Mitcham peppermint leaves grown locally in the Loire Valley. Lightly sweetened with natural sugar, Menthe Pastille is the perfect after-dinner palate refresher and a natural pairing when crafting coffee drinks with a minty kick.

AppearanceCrystal Clear

About This Brand


It all began in 1885. Emile Giffard was a pharmacist with an inventive, curious nature and the palate of a gourmand. In the scorching summer, in the small Loire Valley town of Angers, France, he was studying the digestive and cooling properties of mint. Giffard’s research resulted in the invention of a clear mint liqueur, steam-distilled from the Mitcham variety of peppermint. As delicious as it was refreshing, the liqueur was immediately received with enthusiasm from the townspeople of Angers. Emile called his elixir Menthe Pastille after the mint candies that were famout at the time.

Giffard parlayed the success of Menthe Pastille into a company and began creating liqueurs and syrups from the rich bounty of local fruits and botanicals as well as the exotic spices and herbs that were brought in by ship on the Loire River from ports around the world. Five generations later, Giffard is still owned and operated by the same family who maintain tradition and quality for all of its products.

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