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Curator of Fine Spirits

Back Bar Project is the exclusive U.S. importer of a collection of premium spirits brands that meet the U.S. and global spirits industry’s demand for more specialized, high quality ingredients.


Giffard Drink Like It's Summer

Giffard Lgoo

Giffard Non-Alcoholic Liqueurs

Giffard is renowned for its commitment to quality and taste. Their newest innovation, the Giffard Non-Alcoholic Liqueur range, delivers the same robust, authentic flavors as their alcoholic counterparts, ensuring that Giffard’s customers never have to compromise on taste when choosing a non-alcoholic option.

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Tepache Sazón

Tepache Sazón logoTepache Sazón

What is Tepache?

Tepache is an effervescent Mexican beverage made from a variety of fruits, most commonly pineapple. We make Tepache Sazón from a traditional recipe in the coastal village of San Pancho, Nayarit. We crush and ferment local hand-harvested pineapples with an emphasis on freshness and ripeness.

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The Definitive Cognac Cocktail: The Sidecar is one of the oldest and most revered cocktails.

The first recipes for the Sidecar appeared in 1922, in Harry MacElhone’s Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails and Robert Vermeire’s Cocktails and How to Mix Them. It is one of six basic drinks listed in David A. Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks (1948).

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Agave de Cortes

Agave de Cortés logo

Casa Cortés – Since 1840

The Cortés family is one of the oldest and most important mezcal families in Oaxaca. The Agave de Cortés brand honors the family’s heritage and tradition. Now in their 6th generation, Casa Cortés has produced artesanal mezcal since 1840. Casa Cortés is proud to be one of the few mezcal companies that is 100% Oaxacan-owned.

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