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Angelisco Tequila

Angelisco is a family by choice. Our individual stories may vary, culturally and historically, but we unite to create a timeless spirit. Angelisco Tequila is produced in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, from blue weber agave grown in the mineral rich, deep red clay soil within the Golden Triangle of the Los Altos region. Nurtured by the hands of the Aceves family, with over 100 years of craftsmanship, Angelisco provides the finest of premium, small-batch Tequilas.

The Aceves Family - Brothers José, Cesar, and Alvaro.

The Aceves Family

Angelisco producers and co-owners

  • Brothers José (right), Cesar (middle), and Alvaro (left).
  • Over 100 years of family tradition in Highlands Tequila.
  • They have their own fields in the Golden Triangle of the Highlands.
  • They give back to the Highlands and work hard to ensure the sustainability of the land, the environment, and the integrity of the industry.

José Aceves Sr.

4th Generation Agavero
Tepatitlán & Arandas,
Jalisco, Mexico

José Aceves Sr.

Grand Cru

In a brown paper bag

  • One of the main factors that determines quality in tequila is how many kilos of agave are used per liter.
  • Angelisco uses a premium 8 kilos of agave per liter of tequila.
  • As a reference, entry-level 100% Agave Tequilas use 1-3 kilos per liter
  • We are able to offer Angelisco at a lower price than other premium tequilas by using a minimalist, bar-friendly bottle, recycled paper label, and eco-friendly cap.
  • We focus on quality at an amazing price rather than the perception of quality at an inflated price.
Blue Weber Agaves

Angelisco comes straight from the heart

100% Blue Weber Agaves with absolutely NO additives

  • 1% Rule - The Mexican laws governing the production of Tequila allow additives in the final blend, as long as they constitute no more than 1% of the overall volume.
  • Four common additives: glycerol, vanilla, agave flavor, & caramel coloring.
  • For more info visit Taste Tequila: The Lowdown on Tequila Additives

Production Process

  • Estate-grown Blue Weber agave
  • Harvested by Jimador
  • Cooked in autoclave
  • Mill-crushed
  • 72 hour open-air fermentation
  • Double distilled in stainless steel pot stills with copper components
  • No additives

Arandas, Jalisco

A Highland Tequila from Arandas

The golden triangle is a region in the highlands of Jalisco, at a 6,000 foot elevation, known for producing some of the finest tequilas in Mexico.

Red clay, mineral-rich soil, and cooler temperatures, allow for the growth of larger agaves, with a higher sugar content.

Highlands tequilas are naturally sweeter, more fruit-forward, and tropical in flavor.

Regionality of Mexican Spirits


Jalisco / Limited municipalities in the states of Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas


Oaxaca / Durango / Guanajuato / Guerrero
San Luis Potosí / Tamaulipas / Zacatecas Michoacan / Puebla


Chihuahua / Durango / Coahuila





Our Partners

On this side of the border

Five bartenders who built a fierce camaraderie in saving up money to open Cinco, their own restaurant and bar focusing on Mexican spirits and Oaxacan cooking.

After opening Cinco and finding out about the "1% Rule" in the tequila category, they wanted to bring an all-natural, premium quality tequila, with no additives, to the world.

Our Family

Our Family
Angelisco Tequila mark

Fact Sheet


Angeleno Imports & Aceves Family


NOM 1499

Distillery Name

Casa Tequilera de Arandas, S.A. de C.V.



Common Name of Agave

Blue Weber (100%)

Scientific Name

Agave Tequilana

Net. Cont.

750 mL


Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT)

Alcohol Percentage

Blanco/40% & Reposado/40%


Aceves Family

Cooking Method


Type of Mill

Mechanical mill


Stainless steel, open-air, 72 hours

Water Source

NOM-1499 deep well water

Type of Distillation

2x distilled in stainless pot stills with copper components

Angelisco Tequila Instagram feed
Angelisco Tequila Instagram feed