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From the high desert slopes of the Sierra Madres Mountains, in the heart of Chihuahua, Mexico, comes Sotol Por Siempre. A unique spirit distilled from the hearts of wild-harvested sotol, the vital desert plant that has sustained the people of this region for thousands of years, Sotol shares characteristic similarities to its cousins in spirit, Tequila and Mezcal.

Back Bar Project is proud to partner with Compañia Elaboradora de Sotol, a 6th generation distillery, on the release of Sotol Por Siempre. An authentic spirit of Mexico, not distilled from agave, but from the native Sotol or desert spoon.

Sotol Por Siempre

Sotol Por Siempre

Authentic Spirit of Chihuahua

Por Siempre

Two distillations in an alembic copper pot still preserves subtle smoke and earth flavors which are imparted by pit roasting and open-air fermentation.

Volume: 750 mL | ABV: 45%
Nose: Opens with bright citrus and white flowers quickly growing herbal and vegetal with an intense note of damp, freshly turned earth and whispers of wood smoke and black pepper.
Palate: Black pepper spice, earth, mineral, wet stone, rich and chewy texture with a long, dry and mildly smoky finish.

Sotol Por Siempre - Production Process

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Sotol's History

History :
Chihuahua, Mexico

Sotol grows wild throughout the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. Native to the distinctive Sonoran and Chihuahuan high desert climates, sotol has long been a vital plant as a source of food and fiber.

The spirit Sotol is protected in Mexico by it's own denomination of origin or DO in the states of Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila, but it is in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico's largest state, where the most sotol is produced.

Sotol Por Siempre is distilled in the small town of Janos, an agricultural outcrop of 2,500 people located about one hour from the New Mexico border.

Historic photo of men producing Mexican sotol
Historic photo of Mexican sotol production
Historic photo of Mexican sotol production
Historic photo of Mexican sotol production

History :
Por Siempre - The Jacquez Family

Por Siempre means forever in Spanish. Our name - Sotol Por Siempre - speaks to forever in its duality; forever in the sense of the future, of time to come, and also of the past and the way that things have always been. We are honored to work with a 6th generation, family-owned producer who, by honoring the traditions of the past, ensures the future forever of Sotol.

Six generations of the Jacquez family have distilled Sotol. They learned the art of Sotol production from ancestors who were taught by the indigenous people of Chihuahua. The current generations of Sotol distillers for Por Siempre have a combined experience of 130 years. Jacob and his father, Celso Jacquez, along with Manuel Mendez and Marco Antonio Perez Mendez are ensuring the future of hand-crafted Sotol for generations to come.

6th generation family-owned producer working with Sotol Por Siempre
Freshly distilled Sotol Por Siempre

Harvested Sotol Por Siempre sotol plants

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