Casa Cortés

Casa Cortés is proud to be owned by a Oaxacan family dedicated to bringing the taste and heritage of artisanal mezcal to the world.

Casa Cortés is a portfolio of three mezcal brands, built by the Cortés family in Oaxaca, Mexico. Each brand is conceptually different, though each is deeply rooted in a traditional, family-based approach to mezcal production. Together, Casa Cortés works with thirteen families, producing mezcal in ten different regions of Oaxaca. Casa Cortés is proud to be 100% Oaxacan-owned.

Single batch, village designated, terroir-driven Agave Espadín

Mezcal Nuestra Soledad is a celebration of the unique terroir and distillation traditions of six different villages within the Valles Centrales region of Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca is the most geographically diverse state in Mexico, with a wide array of microclimates, vegetation, and ecosystems. Nuestra Soledad is comprised of six distinct expressions of mezcal from six different regions of Oaxaca, intended to highlight elements of terroir in mezcal production. Made by the same producers as El Jolgorio, Nuestra Soledad is made using 100% agave Espadín, most often harvested in remote areas with wild vegetation and unique soil types.

Limited edition, rare, wild, and semi-cultivated Agave

El Jolgorio is a range of artisanal mezcal from Oaxaca, made from a wide variety of rare, unique agave species.

In Mexico, there are around fifty different species of agave used for mezcal production, each yielding a mezcal with its own distinct character. In 2010, the Cortés family begain buiding a collective of top mezcal distillers from around Oaxaca, with the goal of sharing the true culture and spirit of mezcal with the world. In all, El Jolgorio represents sixteen different families, working in ten different regions of Oaxaca, Mexico, each with its own special story. Every bottle is hand-marked with the specific details of each batch, to truly connect the drinker with the family behind the expression.

Introducing First Maestra Mezcalera

El Jolgorio's newest bottling is an Ancestral mezcal

Casa Cortes introduced a new Ancestral mezcal into its already popular line of El Jolgorio mezcals. Adding to this unique announcement, this limited edition small batch mezcal proudly features Casa Cortes' first female Master Mezcalera, Justina Ruiz Perez, from Sola de Vega.

Artisanal Mezcal from Santiago Matatlán with aged expressions

Produced in Santiago Matatlán, Agave de Cortés is the namesake brand of the Cortés family, honoring the family's 177 years of mezcal producing experience.

With Zapotac heritage, Casa Cortés is one of the oldest mezcal producing families in Oaxaca, tracing its roots to the 1830s. Made from 100% estate-grown Agave Espadín, all four expressions in the Agave de Cortés range are made using the highest standards of mezcal production, including both aged and unaged mezcals.