To the people of Oaxaca, mezcal is so much more than an intoxicating beverage. It functions in ritual, medicine, prayer and celebration at every major event in life. Mezcal offers a direct connection to the spirits of ancestors and is a way to preserve Oaxacan culture for future generations.

Casa Cortés is proud to be owned by a Oaxacan family that is dedicated to sustaining this important heritage.

For many Oaxaqueños, mezcal is often the first thing to touch a baby's lips when it is born and the last thing to touch their lips when they pass on. It is the lifeblood of their culture and is entwined with their history and folklore unlike any other spirit in relationship to a people in the world.

Drinking mezcal can be a transcendent experience, it allows you to tap into an ancient culture that is still deeply rooted to the cycles of the earth. When you drink mezcal from rural farmers and producers you can connect with their spirit and support the culture of Oaxaca.