El Jolgorio Mexicano

Oaxaca, Mexico|

El Jolgorio Mexicano

Oaxaca, Mexico|

Although it is a genetic relative to agave Espadín, the most common agave used in mezcal production, agave Mexicano is less prevalent and, thus, is rarely used to produce mezcal. Like Espadín, it grows to be large, with a high concentration of sugars. Its broad, serrated leaves, or pencas, often bear black tips. In some Zapotec dialects, this agave is called ‘doba-daan’ or ‘dob-daiin’.







Volume750 mL
Country of OriginOaxaca, Mexico
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About This Brand

Mezcal forms an important part of rituals, ceremonies, and festivities in villages in our homeland of southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. These celebrations - also known as Jolgorios - always involve mezcal, a drink that spans cultures and bonds families. Fifteen unique El Jolgorio Mezcals are made from different species and varieties of rare agaves by master distillers in remote villages in the Central Valleys region of Oaxaca. Each El Jolgorio label signifies a different agave variety, with each tiny batch released in sequentially numbered editions. Due to the scarcity of wild agaves and the company's commitment to sustainability, the batches rotate, meaning each new edition might be produced from different regional producer within the network of mezcaleros. The label for each consecutive edition bears the name of the mezcalero, village, age of agave at harvest, and number of bottles produced, to connect the drinker with the place of origin and the families behind the spirit.