Bigallet Thym Liqueur


Bigallet Thym Liqueur


Thym liqueur is made from an infusion of whole thyme sprigs growing in the French Alps. Thyme’s savory flavor and aroma is the perfect addition to vodka or gin for a riff on the classic martini, or as a an herbal splash in lemonade.







Volume750 mL
Country of OriginFrance
AromaInvigorating camphor, lemon and dry herbs
FlavorSavory and herbal, yet pleasantly sweet
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Produced at the foot of the French Alps by the Bigallet distillery, Thym Liqueur is a 70-proof, herbal liqueur made with macerations and distillations of dried thymus vulgaris. Thyme has been used throughout the Mediterranean for thousands of years to add a refreshing, savory depth to many famous spice blends including Za’atar, Bouquet Garni and Herbes de Provence. Thyme is an essential herb of French Provencal cuisine. Its warm, savory flavor and aroma evokes the salt air, hot winds and sun-splashed coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This liqueur plays nicely with vodka or gin for an herbal version of the classic martini, but works equally well adding a savory component to a tall glass of lemonade and soda.

AppearanceClear gold with green-yellow highlights

About This Brand

The Bigallet Company was founded in 1872 in Lyon by Felix Bigallet. In 1885, the company moved to Virieu, a tiny village at the foot of the Rhone Alps, where the Bigallet family originated. They built the distillery close to the small railroad station in order to have a shorter distance to carry deliveries of sugar and other ingredients. Today, the village of Virieu has a population of around 1,200, and members of the Bigallet family still operate the charming distillery that produces fine fruit syrups and unique Alpine spirits for the surrounding region.

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