Bigallet China-China Amer


Bigallet China-China Amer


China-China Amer is a bitter liqueur, the French equivalent of amaro. The intense orange profile comes from hand-peeled Valencia and Curaçao oranges. Gentian, cinchona bark, anise, and clove add the perfect balance of spice and bitterness.




Amaro / Amer



Volume750 mL
Country of OriginFrance
AromaBright orange zest, molasses, ginger spice cake
FlavorWarm, bittersweet orange marmalade, anise, and mulling spices.
FinishPleasant, lingering bitter note.
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China-China Amer is an incomparably rich and complex, 80 proof, orange-based, bittersweet liqueur peppered with botanical infusions. The intense orange aroma and flavor in China-China comes from Bigallet’s proprietary process of distilling fresh orange peel macerations. This intense orange distillate is blended with earthy and bitter gentian, tart chinchona bark, velvety anise, spicy clove, and a handful of other secret, Alpine herbs and spices. The flavors are married with rich caramel to balance the natural bitterness, and the dark, orange glow of China-China is born.

AppearanceDark, burnt caramel

About This Brand

The Bigallet Company was founded in 1872 in Lyon by Felix Bigallet. In 1885, the company moved to Virieu, a tiny village at the foot of the Rhone Alps, where the Bigallet family originated. They built the distillery close to the small railroad station in order to have a shorter distance to carry deliveries of sugar and other ingredients. Today, the village of Virieu has a population of around 1,200, and members of the Bigallet family still operate the charming distillery that produces fine fruit syrups and unique Alpine spirits for the surrounding region.

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