Cognac Park Pineau des Charentes bottle

Cognac Park Pineau des Charentes Cognac

Pineau des Charentes

Park Pineau is a blend of juice from grapes grown in the Cognac region and the cognac brandy itself. The result is a delicate, floral French aperitif that drinks like slightly sweet white wine. Best served chilled or used like vermouth in cocktails.

French aperitif style; store in the refrigerator. Enjoy within 30 days for best quality.

Age 2-4 years
Blend Montils (50%), Colombard (30%), Ugni Blanc (20%)
Barrels Light Toast
ABV 17%
Aging Rests in stainless steel vats for 6 months, then is racked to be aged a minimum of 18 months including 12 months in oak barrels. Pineau Park is aged between 2 and 4 years.
Tasting Notes Particularly delicate and floral, attractive to the nose and pleasant on the palate. Its fresh and juicy character is reinforced by the vigor of the young eau-de-vie.