Rum-Bar Silver


Rum-Bar Silver


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Rum-Bar Silver delivers the big, fruity flavors of Jamaican rum, making it a workhorse for cocktails. Every step of production takes place at the historic Worthy Park Estate in the center of Jamaica. Non-chill filtered and no sugar added.







Volume200 mL, 750 mL, 1000 mL
Country of OriginJamaica
AromaRipe bananas and mango. Light vanilla aroma, turning vegetal.
FlavorBig fruit dominates. Honey and banana lead the way, followed by stewed tropical fruit, vanilla, and black pepper.
FinishAs the flavors in the profile fades a dynamic mineral rich taste forms in the finish.
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Rum-Bar Silver offers the full Jamaican rum flavor, but at an approachable 40% abv. To craft this rum, we blend three different unaged rum marks, with fermentation times ranging from 30 hours up to 3 weeks. Our rum is distilled in a 100% copper pot still built in Scotland. In accordance with the Jamaican Rum Standard, no additives are used in the blending of this rum.

AppearanceCrystal Clear

About This Brand

The Rum-Bar brand pays tribute to the traditional rum bars that are spread across the communities on the island of Jamaica. These tiny watering holes dotting the roadsides provide relief from the sun and a gathering place for locals. Most rum bars keep it simple, serving up white overproof rum with “chasers” of fresh juice or sodas. Rum-Bar rums offer big flavors of Jamaican rum, striking a balance between Jamaican “funk” resulting from the use of pot-stills and fruit-forward flavors that translate into amazing cocktails. From cane field to bottle, Rum-Bar is 100% pot-still rum and one of two brands wholly owned by the historic Worthy Park Estate, located in St. Catherine Parish, Jamaica. Sitting 1,200 feet above sea level, the estate encompasses more than 9,000 acres of land. 100% of the cane & molasses used in our rums is produced either on our own estate, or on one of three nearby properties leased for cane cultivation by Worthy Park: a claim few other rums can make. The aromas and flavors in our rums truly reflect the terroir at Worthy Park Estate.

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