Cognac Park VSOP


Cognac Park VSOP


Park VSOP is a unique mix of clear, crisp flavors. The eaux-de-vie are selected from three growing regions: Fins Bois, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. This artisan blend shows light fruits, with flambéed banana and fresh vine peaches.






Minimum 5 years


Light Toast

Volume750 mL
Country of OriginFrance
RegionFins Bois, Grande Champagne, and Petite Champagne
AromaApricot, banana, ginger, vanilla, lychee, orange zest, jasmine, and acacia.
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The Park VSOP Cognac is a blend that the Tessendier brothers are truly proud of. The aim was to create a VSOP with a unique mix of expressive, crisp flavors. The eaux-de-vie in this blend are carefully selected from three growing regions: Fins Bois, Grande Champagne, and Petite Champagne. This artisan-produced cognac is an excellent representation of the category and offers great value for money. Its fruity flavors call to mind flambéed banana and freshly picked vine peaches that come together perfectly, followed by a marriage of jasmine and bergamot to celebrate an incomparable sensual journey.

AgingEight months in new oak, then transferred to used casks
BlendFins Bois, Petite Champagne, and Grande Champagne

About This Brand

Cognac Park is the premier brand from Distillerie Tessendier, founded by Gaston Tessendier in 1880. Today, master blenders Lilian and Jérôme Tessendier - 4th gen. brothers - oversee production, with the goal of distilling and blending cognacs that clearly express the terroir of four different growing regions: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, The Borderies, and Fins Bois. Each of our blends is created with purpose and vision, carefully balancing the nuances of the geography, climate, and aging conditions that are so important in cognac production.

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