Vermouth Routin Dry bottle

Vermouth Routin Dry


The Historic Recipe Inspired by Philibert Routin

Vermouth Routin Dry proudly bears the name of its inventor, Philibert Routin. For more than a century, Distillerie des Alpes maintained its longstanding tradition of his original recipe.

A Unique Blend of 17 Plants

Vermouth Routin Dry is made with a perfect blend of 17 plants, flowers qnd spices that are macerated for up to four weeks in Vin de Savoie made from Jacquère, a grape variety local to the Savoie region. To the resulting, French Sauvignon blanc is added to reach the desired balance.

Appearance Pale yellow hue
Aroma Lemon peel, eucalyptus, and rose petals are prominent, along with a hint of thyme
Palate Lemon and rose continue. Wormwood and rosemary get stronger, along with juniper berries and lemongrass.
Finish Light and elegant. Wormwood lingers as lemon and rose fade into savory herbs.
ABV 16.9%
Sugar Rate 24g/L
Key Botanicals Include Wormwood, Rosemary, Rose petals, Bitter almonds, Juniper Berries