Vermouth Routin Blanc bottle

Vermouth Routin Blanc


A Secret Recipe Inspired by the Passion of its Inventor

High-standards and passion are the main ingredients in Vermouth Routin Blanc, an original recipe by Philibert Routin, invented in 1894 and kept a closely guarded secret in a safe in his name.

An Exclusive Blend of French White Wines and 18 Plants and Spices

Vermouth Routin Blanc is made with a perfect blend of 18 plants, flowers, and spices that are macerated for up to four weeks in Vin de Savoie made from Jacquère, a grape variety local to the Savoie region. To the resulting infusion, French sauvignon blanc wine is added to reach the desired balance.

Appearance Opalescent straw color
Aroma Bright citrus, and floralnotes; elderflower with hint of thyme
Palate Round green melon, lychee flesh and orange peel are joined by chamomile.
Finish Fresh and lively, yet balanced. Thyme, wormwood, and clove combine for a slightly spicy, savory finish
ABV 16.9%
Sugar Rate 110g/L
Key Botanicals Include Wormwood, Vanilla, Thyme, Cinnamon, Elderflower