Rum-Bar White Overproof bottle

Rum-Bar White Overproof Jamaica Rum

Rum-Bar White Overproof

Rum-Bar White Overproof is a blend of three different unaged rums, all produced at the Worthy Park Estate. All of our rums are distilled in our 100% copper, double retort pot still manufactured in Scotland by Forsyths. In accordance with the CARICOM Rum Standard, Jamaican Excise Act, and Jamaica Rum GI, no additives are used in the blending of this rum.

ABV 63%
Appearance Crystalline
Source Molasses
Age Un-aged
Aroma Freshly cut sweetness of sugar cane. Light grass, exotic fruits with fermented pineapple.
Tasting Notes Ripened bananas, exotic fruits like papaya and passion fruit with hints of vegetal notes.