Origen Raíz

Origen Raíz was born of the roots of two familial traditions in different parts of Mexico.

Six generations of master mezcaleros with proud Zapotec origins in Oaxaca, bound together with a group of mezcaleros, proudly Duranguenses. A project grew from this union, with respect for our Mother Earth and the gift She gave to our people, the Maguey Cenizo.

Together, our traditions teach us to value the lessons of those who came before us, embedded in our roots, and appreciate the hard work and passion commanded by this noble, ancestral position. We are proud and committed to bring the world a Mezcal that was born of respect for the knowledge and values we gain from our ancestors.

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The Partnership

Origen Raíz represents a partnership between two distinct sets of Mexican roots.

The Saravia family of Durango have a long history in the area, constantly working to improve the local economy through business.

The Cortés family of Oaxaca, bring six generations of knowledge in mezcal production.

The families were brought together by their sons, Asis Cortés and Bildo Saravia, through passion for their culture and respect for their heritage.

Asis Cortés

Asis has deep roots in Oaxaca. A 6th generation member of the Cortés family of mezcaleros, Asis' passion and knowledge of mezcal is unparalleled. He has traveled the globe promoting his brands and the category of mezcal as a whole. He, along with his family, represents over 20 different communities and families in the production of mezcal.

Asis' passion for mezcal led him to found MezcalogÍa, a mezcaleria in Oaxaca City dedicated to illuminating the world about the spirit of his people.

Bildo Saravia


Bildo Saravia represents a young generation of Mexican entrepreneurs intent on creating opportunity for his people. His goals for Origen Raíz are simple: create jobs for the local economy, meanwhile promoting Duranguense culture through the crafting of mezcal.

Bildo is also driven by his care for the environment. Prior to Origen Raíz, he teamed with a group of rural farmers and researchers to form a company that re-purposed waste from cactus processing to be used as a cheaper, more sustainable organic fertilizer.

His passion for mezcal was bred during his time living in Australia, where he worked as a mezcal importer, bar owner, and educator.

Maestro Mezcalero

Ignacio Grijalva Santiago

Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, Don Nacho moved to Durango with his family to run the palenque at El Ojo.

Assistant Mezcalero

Cosme Gabriel Simental

Don Cosme works side-by-side with Don Nacho, bringing an experienced set of hands to the El Ojo palenque.

The Region

North Meets South

Origen Raíz represents both North and South... Emphasizing the notion of cultural sharing and learning for the benefit of the people.

Our goal is to unite the distinct regional cultures of Mexico through a shared tradition of celebrating life with the same passionate spirit.

Oaxaca, a mountainous region in the far south, is rich in indigenous culture, including mezcal production. Durango, in the north, is vast and composed mostly of high elevation wildlands, also with strong ties to its indigenous heritage.

La Tierra

Rancho EL OJO

Rancho el Ojo is located on an untamed swath of land in the Mexican state of Durango. The ranch is the cradle of the state's wild agave, sotol, and nopal populations. It is here that our dream was born: to produce artisanal mezcal with care and respect for our environment.

The ranch lies just outside the Sierra de Órganos National Park, at an elevation of approximately 6,350 feet.

Sprawling lands encompass more than 4,000 hectares, with a vast array of wild animals and plant species.

Maguey Cenizo

(A. Durangensis)

This wild agave, know as 'cenizo', grows in the high elevation desert plateaus of Durango and Zacatecas.

Its pencas appear greenishgrey and leather-like. A hardy species, it can withstand frosts, allowing it to grow at higher elevations.

The agave takes between 10-14 years to reach maturity and 15-18kg of piña is needed to produce 1L of mezcal.

Origen Raíz

Production Process

  • 100% Cenizo Silvestre
  • Wood-fired pit oven
  • Mule-drawn tahona
  • Open-air fermentation in Oak tanks
  • Local source, natural spring water
  • Double distilled in copper pot stills
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Fact Sheet

Distillery Name

Rancho El Ojo (Durango, Mexico)


Ignacio Grijalva Paulino


Mezcal Artesenal (100% Joven)

Common Name of Agave

Cenizo Silvestre (wild-harvested)

Scientific name

Agave durangensis

Bottle Size

750 ml


Consejo Regulador del Mezcal (CRM)

Alcohol Percentage (may vary by batch)

48% Alc./Vol.

Type of Oven

Earthen pit oven

Type of Mill

Mule Drawn Tahona

Fermentation Tank

Northern Red Oak (Roble Americano)

Water Source

Local source, natural spring water

Type of Distillation

Two distillations in copper alembic pot stills

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