Giffard Noix de Coco

Giffard Noix de Coco Syrup

Noix de Coco

Coconut Syrup

Coconut syrup is the perfect addition to your tropical and tiki cocktails. It brings a full texture and a strong boost of tropical flavor to a variety of drinks. Try Giffard Noix de Coco syrup in place of simple syrup in a twist on the classic daiquiri. Or use it to add the essential element of coconut in your tiki cocktails. There are only a few ways to introduce coconut to a cocktail. Giffard Noix de Coco syrup is the perfect option when using a fresh coconut is not an option.

Volume 1 L
Appearance Pearl white
Aroma Young coconut flesh
Tasting Notes Intense coconut with hints of tropical fruit
Giffard bird illustration