Giffard Cassis Noir de Bourgogne

Giffard Cassis Noir de Bourgogne Liqueur

Cassis Noir de Bourgogne

Premium Liqueur

Local and highly prized, fresh "Noir de Bourgogne" cassis berries are harvested each July. This flavorful variety of blackcurrant has been celebrated for generations for creating the finest cassis liqueurs. A slow maceration ensures depth of flavor and richness, capturing the distinctive dark berry and vegetal notes of black currant.

Volume 750 mL | ABV: 20%
Appearance Dark, viscous, red wine
Aroma Intense aromas of bright, candied red berries, violets, black pepper and eucalyptus
Tasting Notes Rich, jammy berries, mouth-watering tartness and a pleasant herbaceous finish
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