Vermouth Routin Original Rouge bottle

Vermouth Routin Original Rouge

Original Rouge

Created in the Alps in 1883

An emblematic specialty of the Alps, Vermouth Routin was created in Chambéry, in the Duchy of Savoy, in 1883. The historical brand bears the name of its creator. For more than 130 years, Routin has continued to follow his original recipe. Vermouth Routin Original Rouge was the first recipe ever created by Philibert Routin and remains the hallmark of his legacy.

A Unique Recipe and Production Process

Vermouth Routin Original Rouge is made with a perfect blend of 24 herbs and spices that are macerated for up to four weeks in Vin de Savoie, made from Jacquère, a grape variety local to the region. To the resulting wine infusion, we add Sauvignon Blanc. Vermouth Routin Original Rouge owes its distinct flavor to a unique aging process. The finished Vermouth is added to oak wine barrels made with wood from the Tronçais Forest to rest for six months. To reach the desire balance for the final bottling, aged Vermouth is blended with unaged Vermouth in equal parts.

Appearance Light brownish red, claret color
Aroma Light and floral start, turning to darker notes of demerara and toffee.
Palate Burst of quinine with baking spices, dried figs, and bourbon prevailing. Vanilla lingers pleasantly in the background.
Finish Sweetness fades to savory, piquant bitterness, with coriander seed and wormwood.
ABV 16.9%
Sugar Rate 110g/L
Key Botanicals Include Wormwood, Coriander, Clove, Lavender, Bourbon Vanilla Beans