Giffard Pêche de Vigne

Giffard Pêche de Vigne Liqueur

Pêche de Vigne

Specialty Liqueur
Giffard Pêche de Vigne illustration

Because of their late summer ripening, this heirloom varietal of peach is often planted amongst grapevines, hence their name, "Peach of the Grapevine". From famed orchards in the Coteaux du Lyonnais, these unique peaches with their scarlet-blushed flesh are harvested during their fleeting window of ripeness in late August.

Volume 750 mL | ABV: 16%
Appearance Pale, peach blush
Aroma Honeysuckle, melon, peach, nectarine and mango
Tasting Notes Juicy, baked peach, white chocolate, honey and orange blossom
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