Giffard Fraise de Bois

Giffard Fraise de Bois Liqueur

Fraise de Bois

Specialty Liqueur
Giffard Fraise de Bois

It takes two unique varieties of strawberry to make this delightful liqueur. Tiny, wild, woodland strawberries with their intense aromatics and sweetness along with a larger and juicier cultivated variety called the Senga Sengana known for it's vivid red hue, bright acidity and rich berry aroma are used to craft this crème de fruit that celebrates the natural flavors of late spring and early summer.

Volume 750 mL | ABV: 16%
Appearance Bright, cherry red
Aroma Red berry jam, watermelon, candied strawberry, raspberry, cherry, musky floral
Tasting Notes Big, rich strawberry jam, juicy red berries with balancing acidity
Giffard bird illustration