Rum-Bar Rum Cream

Rum-Bar Rum Cream is made using real cream, blended with our flagship Rum-Bar Rum and select spices, to give you a rich, velvety, and delicious rum cream. All of our rums are distilled in a 100% copper pot still specially designed for Worthy Park by the historic Forsyths company in Scotland. Enjoy chilled on the rocks, in your coffee or even over your favorite dessert.

ABV 15%
Appearance Milk Chocolate
Volume 750mL
Aroma Rich milk chocolate with hints of vanilla and freshly roasted nuts.
Tasting Notes A delicious and indulgent treat, this gourmet cream liqueur has a long round finish with distinguished Jamaica rum undertones that linger on the palate. A perfect complement to premium espresso coffee drinks or dessert of your choice!