Nuestra Soledad

Nestled into the side of a steep ravine, hours from civilization, the ranch settlement of Lachiguí is home to the Vasquez family of mezcaleros. The ranch itself is a tiny complex of humble structures that house members of extended family with the nearby small village of El Palmar some 30 minutes drive along precipitous, mountainside dirt roads. At 7,414 feet elevation, Lachiguí is the highest elevation palenque of those producing mezcal for the Nuestra Soledad brand, by over 1,500 feet. Tio Pedro's agave fields are a 500 foot elevation climb up the mountain from the palenque, home to a treasury of various agave varieties planted in rocky soil laden with limestone. The extreme growing conditions produce some of the most complex mezcals with elegance and nuance that complements their massive strength. Pedro Vasquez is a master of his craft and produces many of the most prized expressions of the El Jolgorio mezcals including Arroqueño, Tobalá, and Tepeztate.

Palenque (Distillery) Tio Pedro
Region El Palmar, Miahuatlán
Maestro Mezcalero (Master Distiller) Pedro Vasquez and Librado Vasquez
Agave 100% Espadín
ABV 48%
Tasting Notes Richly aromatic with notes of wet earth, fresh cherries, cedar wood and cigar box, peppery and green on the palate with bright, citrusy acidity and a long, dry earthy/woody finish