Nuestra Soledad

Ejutla de Crespo, specifically Agua del Espino, is a town located almost 200 km southwest of Oaxaca City. The municipality is situated in a mountainous region, with uneven topography and rugged hills. The steep slopes favor hardy agaves and the struggle to survive in this harsh growing environment comes through in the complexity of their mezcal. Don Pablo employs a method of distillation that is common in the region of Ejutla, using a single, extended distillation in a modified pot still with a cooling chamber called a refrescador, which contributes to the unique, bold flavor profile.

Palenque (Distillery) Don Pablo
Region Agua del Espino, La Compañia, Ejutla
Maestro Mezcalero (Master Distiller) Don Pablo Vasquez
Agave 100% Espadín
ABV 47%
Tasting Notes Bright and aromatically complex with white flowers, cilantro and mint on the nose, rich, savory and viscous on the palate with roasted chiles and minerality. The finish is long with a delicate kiss of wood smoke.