Thym Liqueur

Herbal liqueur flavored with thyme

Thym Liqueur is a 70 proof, herbal liqueur made with macerations and distillations of dried thymus vulgaris. Thyme has been used throughout the Mediterranean for thousands of years to add a refreshing, savory depth to many famous spice blends including Za'atar, Bouquet Garni and especially Herbes de Provence. Thyme is an essential herb of French Proven├žal cuisine. Its warm, savory flavor and aroma evokes the salt air, hot winds and sun-splashed coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Volume 750 mL | ABV: 35%
Appearance Clear gold with green-yellow highlights
Aroma Invigorating camphor, lemon and dry herbs
Tasting Notes Warm, savory, spicy-herbal, pleasantly sweet